Contributors to newPIC activities

PSB students

We devote lots of efforts to staffing PSB students onboard newPIC activities.
We articulate our activites with several PSB Master programs (initial education),
but we have a close relationship with the PSB Master in Business Consulting.

MarianneMarionNathanEtienne AlexisThomas

PSB Master in
Business Consulting

This program is headed by Valentine Mahdavy.

Here links to the description of the program on PSB website, and to the brochure about PSB Masters:

Class 2018

(Sept. 2015-Feb. 2018)

Marianne Cohen


M. Business Consulting

   mcohen (at)


Marion Desnost


M. Business Consulting

   mdesnost (at)


Nathan Afoumado


M. Business Consulting

   nafoumado (at)


Etienne Cimetiere


M. Business Consulting

   ecimetiere (at)


We currently staff Marianne, Marion, Nathan and Etienne on different calls for proposals in relation with sequels to our project on Open Labs.
Their first contributions develop with the project on Innovation platforms in Paris and its region, commissioned by BPI LE HUB, Paris&Co, and Innovation Factory.
They will contribute to different work packages planned in our forthcoming activities. This field research will also represent the base for their Master theses.

Class 2016

(Sept. 2013-Feb. 2016)

Alexis Chiovetta


M. Business Consulting

   achiovetta (at)


Thomas Voisin


M. Business Consulting

   tvoisin (at)


We have staffed Alexis and Thomas on the project on Open Labs jointly run by the newPIC chair and the FutuRIS platform at ANRT. Alexis and Thomas were positioned as interns in the project, and they facilitated the expert group with ANRT and newPIC. They also co-authored a chapter of the White Book on Open Labs with newPIC faculties, and developed their Master thesis on the same topic (under David W. VERSAILLES' supervision).