Partnerships in the private sector and in the industry

Our team has a long experience in partnering with the industry for field research and for top-level executives advising. From the different projects described on this site, you can easily picture our network of contacts in the industy.








The Innovation Factory is an innovation platform targeting the hybridization between students, startups, and established companies to break codes and silos and to accelerate digital transformation.

The Innovation Factory articulates with an education program for digital natives: the Web School Factory.


The Innovation Factory is part of the Studialis group (Galileo France), along with Paris School of Business, and collocated with PSB on CCPI.



Innovation Factory has commissioned two research projects to the newPIC chair. The first project was jointly commissioned with Bpifrance Le Hub and Paris&Co. It focused on innovation platforms located in Paris region; it was executed in 2016 and the research report was released in Feb. 2017.
The second project focused on innovation platforms located in continental France regional hubs. It was jointly commissioned with Bpifrance Le Lab. The project was executed in 2017. The subsequent report was released in March 2018.

  •   Rapport "Créer et innover en Ile-de-France: le rôle des plateformes d'innovation"
  •   Rapport "Le rôle des plateformes d'innovation dans les écosystèmes régionaux"







STRASBOURG CONSEIL was created in 2005 to offer consulting resources and methodological support to public authorities with strategic analysis and public policy evaluation in three main areas: higher evaluation, research policies, and innovation policies. Strasbourg Conseil acts mainly on behalf of public ministries, economic development agencies, local and regional authorities, universities and tertiary education institutions, and research organizations.




We team with Strasbourg Conseil on a regular basis to answer calls for tenders.
Joint projects to be documented soon...







  • CAP DIGITAL is a Paris-based innovation cluster specialized in the digital transformation.
  • Paris School of Business is a member of the CAP DIGITAL innovation cluster.



Among other projects, the newPIC chair develops a close interaction with CAP DIGITAL as part of the expert group about open labs run with ANRT / FutuRIS