Executive education program

2014 & 2015: Caisse des Dépôts

This page introduces details re. the program designed and executed for
the French governmental office Caisse des Dépots in 2014 and 2015.




2014 - 2015

New perspectives for the governance of innovation

Commissioned by:

Caisse des dépôts et des Consignations, CDC



  • Faculty: Valérie MERINDOL & David W. VERSAILLES
  • Activities: 4 sessions, 2 days each
  • Attendance: ca 15 persons per session
  • Client: Caisse des Dépots,
    Dept. Knowledge Economics
  • Profile of attendees:
    Attendees were senior execs in charge of running innovation-related CDC projects, or of animating technology transfert networks;
    All attendees were affiliated with the Knowledge Economics dept.; some position in the CDC HQ in Paris, most attendees coming from regional offices
  • Preparation: Sessions are prepared with individual questionnaires about the topics to be covered, and administered online (SurveyMonkey)
  • Format: Meeting room with large roundtable; Videoprojector; Slideshows; Printed version of slides available and distributed at the beginning of day #1


  • Objectives:
    (1)   Acquire a comprehensive and strategic vision of innovation-related processes, and understand perspecives respectively associated
    -- with the industry (multinational groups and SMBs)
    -- with territories and local public stakeholders
    -- with public agencies in charge of running innovation-related public policies, and technology transfer
    (2)   Develop competencies in relation with new institutional complexity levels incured by the installation
    of renewed governance mechanisms for innovation-related public policies, setting up a new
    EU-national-regional interaction, and new regional offices (such as technology transfer offices, SATTs)


Outline of the sessions

Day #1

  • day #1, session 1.1 (45min):
    Presentation by the head of the CDC Knowledge economics dept, in relation with the issues at stake with renewing the governance of innovation
  • day #1, session 1.2 (2h):
    Technology transfer, from public research towards the private sector (industry, services)
  • day #1, lunch (1h):
  • day #1, session 1.3 (1h 30min):
    Case study about a technology transfer office ('SATT')
  • day #1, session 1.4 (2h):
    Business casing innovation in the private sector (industry, services)
  • day #1, Wrap-up (15min):


Day #2

  • day #2, session 2.1 (2h):
    New innovation strategies in the private sector (industry and services)
  • day #2, session 2.2 (2h):
    Brainstorming about innovation-related businsess models, on the basis of a series of case studies (SMBs)
  • day #2, lunch (1h):
  • day #2, session 2.3 (2h):
    New territorial approaches for innovation policies in Europe
  • day #2, Wrap-up (15min)
  • day #2, Evaluation (20min):
    Evaluation of the seminar by attendees



The case study about the SATT office has been elaborated after a series of interviews with the exececutives running the SATT.
The case has been selected by the CDC, and interviews have been carried out ad hoc for this exec educ seminar.

Case studies have been selected in the cases portfolio used by Valerie Merindol and David W. Versailles for lectures and exec. seminars.
Cases have been adapted to the attendees of each session of the CDC exec. educ. seminar.

CDC Assessment

Satisfaction: 3.8/5