Research project initiated in 2014
Design and Innovation

How are companies handling creative ideas produced out of their boundaries?

The project develops in partnership with STRATE, School of Design, and in relation with the CPI program

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The newPIC chair jointly develops with STRATE, School of Design, a research project about the handling of creative ideas when produced out of the firms' boundaries. The research project investigates actual students' projects developed in the Paris-based CPI program [Creation of Innovative Products], initiated by STRATE, ESSEC, and Centrale Paris. The project aims at understanding how novel approaches based on design-based conception methods make sense for, and are appropriated by the industry.

CPI projects are appraised as boundary objects with multiple characteristics. The investigation focuses on how individuals in the inddustry mobilize the boundary objects, and on how the boundary objects insert in organizational practices. The project aims a providing a better understanding of creative processes, in an economy where open innovation approaches generalize and disseminate in all sectors.



Industrial partnership


This research investigates students' projects in relation with different firms:

  • OTIS, conception and production
    of lifts and elavators
  • SWM, conception and production
    of cigarette paper
  • TECHNICOLOR, creator and distributor
    of digital content







Research team




  • Valerie MERINDOL
    email: vm (at)
    gsm: +33-0-617 09 06 43
  • Nicolas AUBOUIN
    email: nicolas.aubouin (at)


  • Ioanna Ocnarescu
    email: i.ocnarescu (at)


  • Presentation delivered at NUMA, 18-JUIN-2014, by Nicolas Aubouin, Ioanna Ocnarescu


Communications to academic conferences

  • Presentation at the AIMS workshop on Innovation, Sep-2015,
    by Nicolas Aubouin, Valérie Mérindol, and Ioanna Ocnarescu
    the presentation is available from our researchers' Research Gate pages


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