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Valérie MERINDOL and David W VERSAILLES, editors

Open Labs and Innovation Research

Managing the dynamics of collaborative spaces

Forword by Elise TISSIER, Bpifrance Le Lab
Afterword by Michel IDA, CEA

London, Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group) (262p)

Publication contract signed in May 2020
Final manuscript delivered in March 2022
Publication date: Nov. 25th, 2022
Imprint: 2023

ISBN: 978-0-367-61278-8 (hbk)
ISBN: 978-0-367-64936-4 (pbk)
ISBN: 978-1-003-12558-7 (ebk)
DOI: 10.4324/9781003125587

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 Table of contents
Preparatory workshop


This book examines returns on experience and managerial practices to generate deeper collaboration, intensify co-creation, support start-ups and established companies to explore, develop, and accelerate their projects thanks to open labs (living labs, fab labs, coworking spaces, “third spaces”, etc.). Open labs are the beatbox to create a rhythm in ecosystems and make all stakeholders move forward, faster, together. This book proposes a framework to understand how open labs, innovation hubs, and collaborative spaces contribute to ecosystems.

The book looks beyond the short-term effects of open labs and identifies four main dimensions: communities, physical spaces, events, and portfolios of services offered to private businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, established companies, or public institutions. Drawing on extensive field research lasting over five years, with more than 40 cases and more than 200 interviews plus direct observation within different environments, this edited book investigates how managers run these labs, and how “users” or “clients” evolve when benefitting from their services. All chapters analyse how an actual management impacts the dynamics of communities, how it shapes the co-evolution between open labs and their ecosystems, and how the management of the physical space impacts the mission of the lab and its role in the ecosystem.

Open Labs and Innovation Research is written for scholars and researchers in the fields of innovation studies and management science. This book can also inform teaching, public policymaking, and professional practice.





  • "Open Labs and Innovation Management edited by Valérie Mérindol and David W. Versailles truly hits a sweet spot. By addressing the crucial role of labs as boundary spaces in a carefully selected series of chapters, this book opens new perspectives for the future of innovation management."
    Kathrin Moeslein, Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany,
    Past-President (2020-2022), European Academy of Management (EURAM)
  • "Open Labs"(i.e., incubators, makerspaces, fab labs, etc.) have become a major phenomenon of interest in innovation studies, reflecting that they have become massively prevalent over the last decade and a half. However, little is still known about them in terms of the motives and backgrounds of their members, their dynamics and their need for management. Valérie Mérindol and David Versailles have collected a strong set of papers on open labs that is certain to become a reference in this emerging research space for years to come."
    Nicolai J. Foss, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • "In their seminal book on open labs, Valèrie Mérindol, David Versailles, and their colleagues explore the different facets of collaborative innovation, from living labs to fab labs, including the various incubators and their variations. As ecosystem-based innovation becomes increasingly the norm, this important book paves the way for developing best practices for orchestrating such ecosystems."
    Catherine Beaudry, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
  • "In this book, reference researchers provide a rigorous, in-depth study of the open lab phenomena. Combining rich empirical material and solid analytical framework integrating multiple dimensions of management science, they show that the promises of open labs will only be fulfilled by relying on rigorous management of the innovation processes and the variety of innovation capacities."
    Pascal Le Masson, MINES ParisTech, PSL, France












Books previously published by newPIC faculties







Défense et Strategie

Penser autrement l'innovation

Avant-Propos de Marwan LAHOUD, EADS
Préface de Eric DELBECQUE, IERSE

Collection Presaje, Editions DALLOZ, Paris, Août 2010 (270p)


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Gestion des compétences et
gouvernance de l'innovation

La Défense dans l'économie fondée sur la connaissance

Avant-Propos de Bruno BERTHET, DGA
Préface de Patrick COHENDET, HEC Montréal

Collection Recherche en Gestion (dirigée par Y. Simon)
Paris, Septembre 2009 (250p)


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Christophe-A. PAILLARD and Valerie MERINDOL

Quelles stratégies pour le XXIe siècle?

Facteurs économiques, Atouts industriels, Contraintes technologiques

Editions UNICOMM, Paris, Mars 2008 (220p)


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and Patrice CARDOT

Recherche et Technologie
Enjeux de puissance

Préface de Gérald BOISRAYON, DGA
Postface de Rémi BARRE, CNAM

Editions ECONOMICA, Paris, Janvier 2003 (330p)


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Recherche de Défense et PME

Rapport de l'Observatoire Economique de la Défense (DEF/SGA/OED)

La Documentation Française, Paris, Novembre 2000 (100p)


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