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Research partners





  • B E T A 
    Research unit affiliated with the University of Strasbourg and with CNRS (UMR 7522)
  • M O S A I C
    pôle multidisciplinaire de formation et de recherche d’HEC Montréal spécialisé en management de l’innovation et de la créativité.
  • I-Space Institute LLC
    a research foundation affiliated with the Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • STRATE Ecole de design 
    Strate is the top private institution in France,
    a school from the Studialis group





Institutional partners

  • Association nationale Recherche Technologie
    FUTURIS program
    Paris, France
  • CAP DIGITAL innovation cluster
    located in Paris, France




Partners in the industry

  • Undisclosed at this stage 




PSB chairs


  • ESG Management School:
  • D3 - Digital Data Design
    headed by Vince Dutot and Rony Germon
  • Entrepreneurship and Sustainable business
    headed by Adnan Maalaoui and Serge Guérin
  • Risk Energy
    headed by Frederic Encel


ESG Management School   

Our internet providers

    our internet provider (email + web),
    located in Paris and Luxembourg
    our webmaster,
    located in Brussels and Luxembourg


Internet governance

  • EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation
    defending our rights in the internet age
  • The MOZILLA Foundation
    Alma mater of Mozilla, Thunderbird, etc.