Calls for papers

The newPIC chair organizes special tracks or sessions at specific conferences.
Hereafter are three lists: calls for papers currently open for contributions, publications in special issues, and calls now closed.



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   Special interest group (SIG) at the 2nd Innovation Day, Abbé Grégoire:
   "Dynamic Capabilities and the Management of Innovation"
   The conference will be held in Paris, in CNAM facilities, on March 28th, 2017.
   Convenors: Valerie MERINDOL, Nicolas AUBOUIN, and David W. VERSAILLES, PSB / newPIC
      Deadline for submissions, via CNAM platform: Jan 15th, 2017
         (extended abstracts, 5 to 10 pages, or full papers).
      Decisions to authors: February 25th, 2017.
      Deadline for full (revised) papers submission: March 25th, 2017.

   More details here...   
   AIMS Workshop, as part of the AIMS research group on Resources, Competences and Dynamic Capabilities:
   "Microfoundations of Dynamic Capabilities"
   Conference held in Paris, in PSB facilities, on March 22 and 23th, 2016.

   Organizers of the workshop:
   Valerie MERINDOL, PSB / newPIC, Agusti CANALS, UOC / KimO and David W. VERSAILLES, PSB / newPIC

   Special issue in Management International
   co-edited by Valerie MERINDOL, PSB / newPIC, Agusti CANALS, UOC / KimO,
   Nicolai J. FOSS, Univ Bocconi (Milano) and David W. VERSAILLES, PSB / newPIC

      Next steps: Papers are currently under revision in the journal process
      Expected publication date: Summer 2017.

   More details on the organization of the workshop here...   
   Souvenirs and pictures from the workshop...   
   Informations for authors in the special issue in Management International...   
   Research seminar on Collaborative Spaces:
   "Coworkers, Makers, Hackers, and Fabbers: main trends in Barcelona"
   Conference held in Barcelona (SPA), on September 22nd & 23rd, 2016.
   Launching event of the RGCS Barcelona chapter.
   Convenors: Montserra PAREJA-EASTWAY, UB, Universitat Barcelona, Ignasi CAPDEVILA, PSB/newPIC,
   François-Xavier de VAUJANY, PSL / Univ. Paris Dauphine, and Julie FABBRI, EMLyon Business School

   More details here...   
   RBS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016:
   "Open creative labs: Curated encounters for creativity, work and resilience"
   Conference in London, Aug. 30th to Sep. 2nd, 2016.
   Convenors: Suntje Schmidt, Leibnitz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning,
   and, Ignasi CAPDEVILA, PSB / newPIC

   More details here...