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Here is a list of fellow colleagues at PSB who contribute to newPIC projects.
This page describes their specialization areas and documents contact details.

Nicolas AubouinEkaterina BessonHelene Bussy-SocrateIgnasi CapdevilaSylvaine CastellanoKarim ErrajaaAlexandra Le ChaffotecXavier MenaudFabrice Periac

Nicolas Aubouin

Dr Nicolas AUBOUIN

Assoc. Professor

 Dr in management (Mines ParisTech & Univ. Paris Ouest Nanterre, 2009)

Nicolas Aubouin research interests focus on the management of arts and culture, humane resources management, and corporate social responsibility. His research develops more specifically on the dynamics of professions, on the elaboration of managerial tools, and on the insitutionalization process prevailing for emerging working spaces. Nicolas closely collaborates with public and private institutions for his research, primarily in relation in the domains of arts and culture. Nicolas also collaborates with Mines ParisTech's CGS research center (Centre de Gestion Scientifique), and contributes to action research projects commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, and Universcience, a public agency affiliated with the Paris-based Cité des Sciences, with Palais de la Découverte, and with Ecole de la Médiation.

Nicolas is the author of 6 articles published in academic journals; he also authored articles published in professional journals, and in edited books.

Research topics:
-- insitutionalization of new practices and emerging spaces
-- dynamics of professions and competences
-- integration processes for the diffusion of creativity



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   naubouin (at)

Ekaterina Besson

Ekaterina BESSON, PhD

Assoc. Professor

 PhD in management, University of Birmingham Business School
 MSc Internatinoal Business, University of Birmingham Business School
 BSc Banking and Finance, London School of Economics
 BSc Economics, Moscow State Universtity, Higher School of Economics

Ekaterina Besson teaches Principles of Management, Corporate Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility at Paris School of Business. Her research interests are in innovation management, new technology development and buyer-seller collaboration. Ekaterina's publications are within the domain of innovation management. Currently Ekaterina is conducting research in the area of NPD practices and producer-end-user collaboration in the innovation process.

Research topics:
-- innovation management
-- new technology development
-- buyer-seller collaboration



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   ebesson (at)


Ekaterina Besson


Assoc. Professor

 Dr in management, Université Paris Dauphine (2015)
 MSc in Human Resources for Intercultural Development, University of Manchester, Manchester Business School (2011)
 Master in Management, Ecole supérieure de commerce d'Amiens (France) (2010)

Hélène Bussy-Socrate teaches Principles of Management, Corporate Strategy and xxx at Paris School of Business. Her research interests are in xxx .

Research topics:
-- xxx
-- xxx
-- xxx



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   hbs (at)


Ignasi Capdevila


Assoc. Professor

 PhD in management (HEC Montréal, 2014)

Ignasi Capdevila's research interests include localized knowledge creation and transfer, knowledge communities, creativity and innovation management in organizations and cities. Ignasi is currently working on the knowledge dynamics in spaces of collaborative innovation and on the inter-organizational innovation processes localized in the metropolitan regions. His research interests also include value creation and capture in commons-based peer production communities, open businesses and open strategy.

Research topics:
-- knowledge creation and transfer
-- knowledge communities
-- creativity and innovation management



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   ignasi (at)


Sylvaine Castellano


Assoc. Professor

 Dr in management (Univ. Luxembourg, 2010)
 MSc in management (Univ. of Central Florida, 2004)

Sylvaine Castellano is currently Dean for academic and research affairs at PSB.

Research topics:
-- strategic management
-- institutions and managerial practices
-- wine industry



   sylvaine (at)

Karim Errajaa


Assoc. Professor

 Dr in management (marketing) (Univ Angers, 2018)

Karim Errajaa specializes in experiential marketing, on the collaboration between firms and consumers under the perspective of products co-creation or adjustment, innovation studies and creativity.

Karim is the author of 10 articles published in journals, edited books, and monographs, of 20+ communications to academic conferences, and 3 pedagogic case studies (CCMP).

Research topics:
-- experential marketing
-- quantitative analysis



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   karim (at)


Alexandra Le Chaffotec


Assoc. Professor

 Dr in economics (Univ Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne)

Alexandra Le Chaffotec's research mainly focuses on issues of organization, and tackles in particular specific organizational forms tagged as "hybrids". She works on topics such as organizational innovation, trade-off between governance modes, organizational performance and, création and knowledge transfer within networks. She mainly applies those questions to cases of the health sector. She has carried out empirical surveys on the organisation of care production within networks of physicians and authored reports for patients associations and healthcare authorities. Her portfolio of research interests is diversified and Alexandra also publishes about organizational efficiency issues in oil production.

Research topics:
-- trade-offs between organization modes
-- organizations' internal properties and governance modes
-- networks
-- knowledge transfers



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   alc (at)


Xavier Menaud

Dr Xavier MENAUD

Assoc. Professor

 Dr in mamagenemnt (marketing) (Univ. Paris II Pantheon Assas, 2010)
 Master (DEA) in mamagenemnt (marketing) (Univ. Paris IX Dauphine, 2001)

Xavier Menaud's research mainly focuses on marketing and communication. He specializes on topics at the intersection between marketing and communication studies. Xavier is currently the head of PSB Master program in communication studies.

Research topics:
-- brand management
-- communication
-- surfingtelling
-- the use of tales in marketing



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   xavier (at)


Fabrice PERIAC

Dr Fabrice PERIAC

Assoc. Professor

 Dr in management science (tbc)

Fabrice Periac specializes in xxxx

Research topics:
-- xxx
-- xxx
-- xxx



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   fperiac (at)