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2016 »  Nov. 17th, 2016 - Thierry Burger-Helmchen »  

2015 »  May 21th, 2015 - Agusti Canals »  













"How individual creativity shapes collaboration styles:
impacts on research productivity"


Thierry BURGER-HELMCHEN is a Full Professor of Management Science and the Dean for Economics and Management at the University of Strasbourg. Thierry develops his research at BETA, CNRS UMR 7522. His research focuses on innovation studies and creativity.

Thierry has been an academic member of the newPIC chair advisory board since the installation of the chair.


  Thierry Burger's page on the university of Strasbourg website

Date: 17-NOV-2016
15h00-17h00 (Paris time)

59 rue Nationale,
F-75013 Paris
Room: R.36
(Olympiades campus)


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Some more words about the topics addressed during the conference...

The seminar will focus on the role played by individual creativity in shaping collaboration styles and its impact on research productivity. To operationalize creativity, the authors consider two contrasting visions of collaboration styles: the 'freak' collaboration style, that we define according to a popular characterization of creative individuals, and a monolithic collaboration style, that we define as converse to the 'freak' colloboration style. The discussion focuses on the relationship between collaboration styles and research productivity (measured here with the number of publications) by estimating ta Tobit model. Explanatory variables include preferences in collaboration, an assessment of cognitive distance, reasons for collaborating, and circumstances where collaboration initiated. Many results of this research are in line with extant investigations on collaboration and creative societies, while the results on cognitive distance and the circumstances for collaboration (e.g. the ways for meeting collaborators) show new -and previously- unappraised (positive) impacts on research productivity.

The seminar develops on the research project "C4-Core Creativity and Competition in Chemistry" that is financially supported by the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Studies (ASIAS), and by the AGIR-PEPS call for applications.


  • Individual creativity
  • Collaboration styles


  • Cognitive distance
  • Research productivity


  • JEL Codes:
    I23, O31, O32


Thierry Burger's presentation will be available here very soon...


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"Strategic management of knowledge in big science"


Some more words about the topics addressed during the conference...

  • Strategic knowledge mapping in big science projects: a methodology to identify and develop key strategic knowledge assets and explore their characteristics and relationships
  • Structure of interorganizational collaboration in scientific projects: analysis of the collaboration networks
  • The role of simulations as a coordination mechanism in a big science project: simulations as dynamic boundary objects


Agusti CANALS is Professor at the Open University of Catalogna where he coordinates the KIMO research group. He is also the Director of the MSc Program in Strategic Management of Information and Knowledge in Organizations. Agusti is also an external faculty member of the Strategy and General Management Department at ESADE, and a Visiting Fellow at the Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at Wharton Business School.


Date: 21-MAY-2015
13h30-15h00 (Paris time)

59 rue Nationale,
F-75013 Paris
Room: R.04
(Olympiades campus)



Agusti Canals' presentation is available here...


Here some


To be mentioned here that the royalties linked to the book Knowledge, Organization and Management, edited by John Child et Martin Ihrig, fund the price awarded annually at the EGOS conference in memory of Max Boisot. In this book, chapter 9 by Agusti Canals, "Knowledge in Big Science", addresses the topics covered in this seminar. The chapter elaborates on the investigation developed by Max Boisot's team at CERN on the ATLAS project, that were described and analyzed in "Collisions and Collaboration" (Boisot, Nordberg, Yami, Niquevert, eds). This project develops further today with Agusti Canals (principal investigator and project manager).

Here some
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with Agusti