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Presentation of the special issue in the
European Journal of Innovation Management

Innovation management in health care. Where are we going?


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Healthcare was a domain at ease with the cascade or techno-push model of innovation, with a special attention on experimentation structured by legal test protocols. The management of innovation in healthcare has attracted renewed attention with the reference to AI, “big data”, biotechs, medtechs and with the reference to user-centric innovation (as most often illustrated with medtechs and biotechs). Research in healthcare is as complex and risky as ever, but time frames for the development of innovation have adapted to the new realities of AI and biotechs, and the scope of experimentation with new stakeholders. Disruptive innovation in healthcare is a crucial driver for the evolution for this industry over the last years.

This special issue focuses on new practices for the management of innovation in all subareas of healthcare. The special issues covers the development of user-centric innovation and of experimentation in healthcare, with a special focus on complementarities with traditional cascade top-down (techno-push) innovation. User-centric innovation in healthcare makes it also possible to test new business models with the appropriate stakeholders and to analyze the adoption of innovation. The healthcare domain is original because it provides field research to analyze the dynamics in the Triple or Quadruple Helix (State, research, industry, actual people) and the interactions between them in local ecosystems. It provides also a relevant domain to question the status of "user" in user-centric innovation.

The special issue of EJIM has been guest-edited by

  • Francesco Schiavone (Parthenope Univ Naples),
  • Valérie Merindol (newPIC chair, Paris School of Business),
  • Uta Wilkens (IAW, chair for Work, Human resources and Leadership, Ruhr univ. Bochum),
  • David W. Versailles (newPIC chair, Paris School of Business).

Location: H Y B R I D
Zoom webinar and Naples, Italy



Free of charge

Mandatory registration

Language: ENGLISH





The workshop is jointly organized by the Vimass Research Lab from Parthenope University, Naples (Italy) and by the newPIC chair at Paris School of Business.

The workshop is organized in partnership with the KnowMedTech Association (Naples, Italy).



The conference is organized under the patronage of the European Academy of Managemnt (EURAM) Strategic Interest Group (SIG 06) on INNOVATION.
Local contact for EURAM SIG INNO:
David W. Versailles





Organization team
  • Prof. Francesco Schiavone, Professor in Innovation Management, Scientific Director of VIMASS Research Lab in Healthcare Management,
    Department of Management Studies and Quantitative Methods (DISAQ), Naples Parthenope University 
  • Prof. David W. Versailles, Professor in Strategic and Innovation Management,
    co-director of the newPIC chair, Paris School of Business 
  • Anna Bastone, PhD candidate in entrepreneurship and innovation, VIMASS, DISAQ, Naples Parthenope University 




Conference venue:

Palazzo Pacanowski - Classroom T.1
Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope
Via Generale Parisi, 13
I-80132, Napoli (Italy)



The webinar will be broadcasted via ZOOM
Details to be disclosed upon registration


Emmanuel MULLER


Emmanuel MULLER



Emmanuel MULLER





  • 09h00: Registration / Inscription
    Welcoming address by
    Prof. Francesco SCHIAVONE (Vimass lab, Parthenope Univ. Naples)
    and Prof. David W VERSAILLES (newPIC chair, Paris School of Business)
  • 09h30-10h30 - Lectio magistralis
    Prof. Vicenzo CORVELLO, Univ. of Messina (Italy)
    Editor in chief, European Journal of Innovation Management
      How to publish in the European Journal of Innovation Management
  • 10h30-12h45 - Plenary session:
    Presentation of the articles published in the special issue of EJIM by the authors
    • Valerie Merindol (co-authors: David W. Versailles and Alexandra Le Chaffotec)
      The role of organization intermediaries in science-/techno-push versus user-centric approaches in health care innovation
    • Maria Ciasullo
      An open innovation approach to co-produce scientific knowledge: an examination of citizen science in the healthcare ecosystem 
    • Khatereh Ghasemzeded
      User Innovation rings the bell for new horizons in E-health: A Bibliometric Analysis 
    • Ignat Kulkov
      Identifying institutional barriers when implementing new technologies in the healthcare industry 
    • Cristina Pietronudo
      New emerging capabilities for managing data-driven innovation in healthcare systems: the role of digital platforms 
    • Isidro Pena
      Wellness programs in times of COVID-19, perceived organizational support and affective commitment: Effects on employee innovation behavior 
  • 12h45: Conclusion by Francesco Schiavone, David W. Versailles and Deniele Leone
  • 13h00: Lunch





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