Academic research partners

We describe here our academic research partners, and instances of activities developed with them...
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B E T A 

  • BETA is a Research unit affiliated with the University of Strasbourg and with CNRS (UMR 7522)
  • Our interaction with BETA mainly develops with the faculty members active with BETA's research themes #1 (Routines, communities, networks), #4 (Science, technology, innovation), and #5 (LAbour economics, job market and social policies)



Our interaction with BETA concretizes today with Patrick Llerena to the research project run with SEB, in relation with Open innovation and global firms.

We also team together on a regular basis for research-related calls for tenders issued in France and in Europe.



I-Space Institute LLC

  • The I-Space Institute LLC is a research foundation affiliated with the Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • The institute's name is based on the conceptual framework developed by Max Boisot, one of the institute founders: the "Information Space".
  • The I-Space institute is currently headed by our colleague Martin Ihrig, a Practice Associate Professor at U.Penn Graduate School of Education. Ian C. MacMillan, Agusti Canals and David W. Versailles are affiliated with the I-Space Institute.



Together with our colleagues at the I-Space Insitute, we are committed to expand and develop the intellectual legacy of our friend Max Boisot.

Max, Valerie and David in Sitges - Photo by Dorota




  • MOSAIC is the multidisciplinary creativity and innovation hub, in charge of education and research on these topics at HEC Montréal.
  • MOSAIC is among the leading centers for (multi-disciplinary) research on creativity. It is among the initiators of the creativity network, holding also yearsly week-long seminars in BCN and SXB.



Our projects with MOSAIC develop on the general theme of creativity, and in direct interaction with the creativity network installed in Montreal, Barcelona, and Strasbourg.

Ignasi Capdevila contributes to MOSAIC's activities on a regular basis, and developed his PhD project at MOSAIC. Valerie Merindol also delivered several invited conferences at HEC Montreal over the years.



STRATE, Ecole de design

  • Strate is the top private institution for design education in France, and a leading school in the field in Europe.
  • STRATE is a part of the Studialis group.



Our projects with STRATE develop on the general themes of creativity, and of design-based methods.

Our cooperation main instanciates with research projects, and with crossed contributions to education programs:

- we develop at the moment a joint project analyzing how companies handle creative ideas produced out of their boundaries

- we also contribute together to a joint PSB-STRATE Master on Science on 'Management by Design' with lectures delivered by Ignasi Capdevila and David W. Versailles.