newPIC thematic orientation

The newPIC chair specializes in the investigation of the micro-foundations of innovation and creativity:
it addresses the emergence of new ideas and their appropriation by actors and stakeholders;
it also covers the whole process of value creation.
Three thematic orienations have been selected: global firms; territories; and hybridation contexts.

  • Global firms:
    The industry organizes very often with ecosystems where open innovation and co-creation practices associate with coopetition. New paths are now available in ecosystems for value creation in reference to innovation. The newPIC chair investigates therefore the consequences of open innovation and coopetition as regareds the use of communities, fab labs, open labs, and their consequences on managerial practices. The newPIC chair also aims at identifying key drivers and processes at the level of project teams and in the dynamics of knowledge transfers.
  • Territories
    Territories have become a key issue for creativity and innovation because of the importance of platforms and invrastructures, communities, and co-creation spaces. They represent a major dimension in the elaboration of public policies supporting innovation;
  • Hybridation contexts:
    Creativity and innovation relate to the combination of experience and of knowledge emerged in different domains (or contexts). The newPIC chair will investigate the actual proesses for the articulation and transfer of knowledge, or co-creation between contexts, such as the hybridation between the worlds of art (culture) and of technological firms, between design and management, between public research and the industry.