Intitutional partners

We describe here our academic research partners, and instances of activities developed with them...
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A N R T 

  • The French Association Nationale Recherche Technologie gathers French public and private players of the Research and Innovation dynamics. Its main activities relate to the distribution of CIFRE doctorate grants [PhD thesis developed in partnership with the industry, and jointly financed with the French Ministry of Research], the FutuRIS platform active with prospective investigations, and the improvement of research-oriented partnerships between governmental agencies and the industry at European level.



Our cooperation with ANRT elaborates on a joint project with the FUTURIS plaform (Q1+Q2 / 2015). We run jointly an expert group dedicated to the investigation of the openness in labs such as Living Labs, Open Labs, Fab Labs, Creative Labs, etc.

We will work with cases studies, field research and auditions. Two PSB students supporting the project, are also positioned at ANRT with internships. The project will serve the elaboration af a White paper on the strategies and relevance of installing open labs in order to serve the objectives of private businesses, or of public agencies.


  • CAP DIGITAL is a Paris-based innovation cluster specialized in the digital transformation.
  • ESG MS is a member of the CAP DIGITAL innovation cluster.



Among other projects, the newPIC chair develops a close interaction with CAP DIGITAL as part of the expert group about open labs run with ANRT / FutuRIS