Research project commissioned by Bpifrance le Hub, Paris&Co and Innovation Factory (2016)

Taxonomy of innovation platforms in Paris and its region

Workshop : Oct 19th, 2017 - "The dynamics of innovation platforms"


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The workshop will take place on Oct. 19th, 2017, between 13:45 and 18:30, on PSB premises

Address: Paris School of Business, CCPI Campus, 59 rue Nationale, F-75012 Paris, France.
Subway: M.14 Olympiades, or eventually M.05 Place d'Italie, M.06 Nationale, T.03a Porte d'Ivry
We do not provide any parking facilities.

Attendance to the workshop is free of charge,
yet you have to register and receive a confirmation to access our facilities

We have installed a registration system using the Weezevent system.

Clicking on the link below will generate a pop-up box -that you eventually need to validate in your browser's or antivirus' settings. The box will give access to the registration system.
We will then send you a confirmation via email that you will need for the security controls at the entrance of PSB campus.

Inscription en ligne

In case of question, you can contact us via email at the address:

workshop (at)

Agenda, Program


Research report

"Créer et Innover aujourd'hui en Ile de France: le role des plateformes d'innovation"











"The dynamics of innovation platforms"
"Quelles dynamiques pour les plateformes d'innovation ?"

The seminar will be facilitated by Valerie Merindol and David W. Versailles.
Presentations at the seminar will be delivered in French (without translation).
Presentations and video captures will be available after the workshop.

Agenda for the workshop

  • 13h45 - Introduction and welcome addresses
    by Valerie Merindol and David W. Versailles, co-directors of the newPIC chair at PSB
    by Innovation Factory and Bpifrance Le Lab, commissionners of the research project
  • 14h00 - Valérie Mérindol, newPIC / PSB
    "Les communautés aun sein des plateformes d'innovation"
    [The roles of communities inside the innovation platforms. How to manage them?]    
  • 14h30 - Samuel LESUEUR, president of the Electrolab association
    "Electrolab, or how a hackerspace reinvents itself every day"
    [Electrolab: comment un hackerspace se réinvente en permanence]    
  • 15h00 - Interaction with participants, facilitation by David W. Versailles
  • 15h30 - Coffee break
  • 16h00 - David W. Versailles, PSB / newPIC
    "A dynamic vision of business models in innovation platforms"
    [La dynamique des business models des plateformes d'innovation]    
  • 16h30 - Rudy CAMBIER, co-director Liberté Living Lab
    "Reinvent ecosystems for the elaboration of collecive and public goods"
    [Comment construire et réinventer les écosystèmes pour les biens collectifs et publics?}    
  • 17h00 - Eugénie HERIARD-DUBREUIL, development director at Digital Village
    "Reinvent ways of working for freelancers in website design and creation"
    [Comment réinventer en parmanence le travail des indépendants du web?]    
  • 17h30 - Interaction with participants, facilitation by Valérie Méridol
  • 18h00 - Conclusion of the seminar, by Valérie Mérindol and David W. Versailles

   Pictures and souvenirs from the workshop




Pictures to be uploaded after the event...