Contributions to expert groups

Expert groups organized by the Institut de l'Entreprise

Valerie Merindol contributed to the organization and the facilitation of an expert group for the Observatoire de l'Innovation.
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Author of the report subsequent to the expert group
by the "Observatoire de l'innovation",
ornigazed by the Institut de l'Entreprise

published Feb. 2017
Paris, France


Innvation carries with it a series of challenges and fantasies. Large groups have continuously to adapt to technological change and market expectations. The management of innovation cannot however result from some kind of improvisation. It requires specific processes and specific competences. The dynamics of innovation result from the alchemy between tangible and intangible assets. It relates to strategic drivers, the corporate culture, and the ability of executives or managers to share a vision throughout the company.



The report 'Innover en entreprise: de l'incantation à l'action" (issued in Feb. 2017) is the outcome of an expert group organized by the Institut de l'Entreprise (Paris) at the Observatoire de l'Innovation in 2015-2016 and facilitated by Valerie Merindol (newPIC, PSB), Erell Thevenon Poullenec (Head of research at the Institut de l'Entreprise) and Barthelemy Kiss (Artomatrix). The expert group has gathered 30 people from large companies. The sessions (held from Nov. 2015 to Jun. 2016) have shared returns on experience and best practices on innovation. The main focus of the sessions always related to a dialog between large companies and startups, in order to investigate how startups can support large groups in the innovation process. The sessions were complemented by a series of interviews carried out by Valerie Merindol in the industry.

Presentation of the report during a debated arganized at NUMA, March 1st - 2017

  • Laurent AUGUSTE, Senior VP Innovation and Markets, VEOLIA
  • Edouard MAUREL, DataCity program manager, NUMA
  • Valérie MERINDOL, Professor at PSB, co-head of the newPIC chair
  • Isabelle VITALI, Business support and innovation director, SANOFI
  • Cécile WENDLING, Head of R&D foresight, AXA
  • Benoit GEORGES, Journalist, Les Echos, facilitator

Topics addressed during the meeting:

  • How to organize collaborations between large established firms and startups?
  • How to foster innovation while navigating the formal organization in a large established firm?
  • How to transform a large established firm for more flexibility and reactivity?
  • How to generate innovation-related investments in a large established firm?
  • How to protect innovation from the formal mechanisms prevailing in a large established firm?


Article by Benoit GEORGES, published in les Echos on March 2nd, 2017

(available online on March 1st, 2017)